Divine Ascension to God Self Podcast

Series 11 : The Astrology of the Aquarian Soul Age

By Grant Derepas | June 9, 2022

Soul Astrology is a new science that is growing in the Aquarian Age as we evolve into our Infinite state of God-Self. It is the study of the exchange of divine Life Force and its relationship as it expresses through the form worlds. It is also the study of the Source of what is appearing […]

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Series 10: The Merging of the Cosmic Duality of God-Self

By Grant Derepas | May 18, 2022

We are living during two major Cosmic Cycles collisions. The Piscean Cycle of masculine authority, materialism, individual focus now fading out of circulation.  This Water element Age has seen emotional turbulence expressed in wars, religion, and the drive for wealth at the expense of planetary, abuse and devaluing of life that has been so evident […]

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Series 9: Unveiling the Divine Plan Unfolding in our Time

By Grant Derepas | May 5, 2022

In the wake of the constant changes, we have been riding through since the “Reset of our world” in 2020 under the Covid-19 banner it is a good time to throw some light on the Infinite Plan underpinning this Cosmic Shift.  This is to lift awareness to a higher understanding of what is happening on […]

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Series 8: Self-Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditation

By Grant Derepas | April 28, 2022

Thank you for listening to Series 8.  This Metta Meditation is to weave together the topics of the April Series: Series 5: Speak in Light, Live in Love, Stand in Truth Series 6: Self Love is a Duty of Care for You, For All Series 7: No One Sits in Judgement of You, But You […]

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Series 7 : No one sits in judgement of you, but You

By Grant Derepas | April 21, 2022

Our topic is a very relevant service of Self-Love to lay to rest during this major Spiritual Awakening process we are moving through.  Judgement is a major hurdle to Self-Love and a disempowering mindset inherent in human needy fear-base relationships that no longer serve us. Based on the human experience of love, we are condition […]

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Series 6: Self – Love is a Duty of Care for You, For all

By Grant Derepas | April 14, 2022

This theme is the Universal Hot Topic that is broadcasting through the Cosmic dimensions as the focus on Soul service at this Universal time of Cosmic Shift is now needed to close the Era of Darkness and open the Era of Light. The Shift we are moving through is a natural Comic alignment occurring bringing […]

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Series 5 Speak in Light, Live in Love, Stand in Power

By Grant Derepas | April 7, 2022

As Light Workers our service right now is to live the life of the Enlightened Self we have all being growing and evolving into to mirror the truth of our Divine Self to those now waking up and to those sleeping.  Through our living our Truth we can provide safe space for others to grow […]

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Series 4 Meditation for Divine Merging of the 3 Pillars of God-Self

By Grant Derepas | March 31, 2022

This streamed Meditation is to recapture the learning from Series 2-3 providing another level of understanding from a meditative state. The Meditations will later be released in CD and MP3 format as a resource supporting the Ascension to God Self Podcast available on www.monadcentre and Mobile App. So lets move into our Meditation State to […]

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Series 3 The Three Pillars of the Nature of God-Self

By Grant Derepas | March 24, 2022

Father Son and Holy Spirit ( you are the holy spirit the externalising of God’s nature.  In the Bible there is reference in King James “The Word Became Flesh and his dwelling among us”. This Series shares our understanding of the Ascension to God Self through the understanding and remembering of our Trinity Nature of: […]

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Series 2 The Alchemy of Meditation and the Ascension to God-Self

By Grant Derepas | March 17, 2022

What is the true meaning of alchemy? Alchemy is a  process of taking something ordinary and turning it to something beautiful an example of this alchemy is the transformation of a caterpillar to the chrysalis to the butterfly. How this happens is often a mystery adding to the magical unknown quality of the process. “All […]

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Series 1: Who are we and what is the purpose of this Podcast

By Iva Parker-Puie | March 7, 2022

Thank you for joining us on this first series of our Podcast. We are Iva and Neil Parker-Puie founders of the Monad Centre of Balance in 2015 a Meditation and Wellness Centre in Western Australia.  The Spiritual Vision of the Centre is to provide Divine Knowledge expanding awareness of the Psychology of the Divine Self […]

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